Pingora Yarns is dedicated to provide quality fiber for the needle artisan.  The majority of the fiber comes from Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Montana, and Idaho.  Some of our fibers come from Uruguay and Peru. Our mission is to provide regional fibers at an affordable cost.

Our Story

Lander is located at the base of the Wind River Mountains.  These mountains contain the highest point of Wyoming - Gannett Peak at 13,809'.  Wind River Mountains is also home of the Cirque of the Towers - a popular destination for the outdoor enthusiast; such as rock climbers, hikers and anglers.    The towers that make up the Cirque are Lizard Head, Shark's Nose, Warbonnet, Warrior, Wolf's Head, and Pingora.

Pingora is a Shoshone term meaning high, rocky, and inaccessible peak.  By choosing Pingora Yarns as our store's name, we strive to provide the highest quality fibers.


The above picture is our shop dog, resident bird hunter, overgrown lapdog, and sniffer of treats - Cirque of the Towers.  We call him Cirque for short.  

While agonizing over a name for our local yarn shop, Cirque was demanding to sit on my lap while I was knitting on a project.  Not the most conducive arrangement for knitting, I thought I would choose the name of the shop for one of the peaks of Cirque of the Towers - and Pingora Yarns was born!

  • Lori Hunter designed our logo that includes Pingora Peak!

Store Hours:

Monday - 12pm - 8pm   Stitch Nite 6pm-8pm
Tuesday - Friday - 10am - 5:30pm
Saturday - 10am - 4pm